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Hi! I'm Britni

If you're here you probably want to know a little more about me. I live in Dallas, TX and have my whole life, so I'm a city girl through and through. I am a proud dog mom to the most precious 1.5 corgis you've ever seen. (the other .5 is border collie) Don't fret, you'll be seeing plenty of them in due time. I'm also an avid bullet journaler, music lover, concert-goer, movie nerd, sports fan, television watcher and struggling health advocate.



So what qualifies me to give you advice? It's because I apparently give a really good impression that I have my life together! Ha! But really, Tips by Brit gives me a forum to share what I've learned about all the things I'm passionate about (mentioned above) all while stretching my creative muscle which has been desperate for a workout.


I'm learning as I go with not only blogging and building a website but also vlogging. Writing has always been my comfort zone, but being in front of the camera is a completely different story. We all have to do scary things to grow, right?? So on that note, I hope you come on this crazy journey with me and hopefully find something here helpful relating to you in your world and makes life a little easier.

This project is completely self-funded, so if you found a tip on my page helpful please consider donating at the button below or via Venmo @britnilamb. Thank you so much!


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