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Setting up my Bullet Journal...

My bullet journal is set up in a fairly basic way. Each month I start with a Monthly Log and a Habit Tracker. Here are a few examples:

The Monthly Log is just a simple month-at-a-glance. I number down the left hand side and add the corresponding MTWRFSS in the column to the right. I signify pay days with a little, green $ symbol and notate the days bills are due with a red ! symbol. My Habit Tracker lists things like exercising, clean eating, no spend days and getting gas. Anything I either want to be cognizant to do each day or remember the last time I did it. This spread captures high level events for the month. I refer to it often and keep a ribbon bookmark here until the next month comes along.

The bread and butter of my journal (most days) are my dailies. Below is an example of last week's spread. You'll notice I even decided to write a small journal entry on Friday. I don't do this very often, but I love having the flexibility to just go for it when the inspiration hits. Each daily has tasks to complete, and a little box capturing the weather and my sleep for that night before. (PS- I slept terribly last week!)

A week of daily entries

If you missed my last post, I refer you to creator, Ryder Carroll's website for the basics. The beauty of bullet journaling is the simplicity of the system.

Tasks are noted by a bullet. A > symbol means you didn't get to it that day, so you're migrating it forward to another day in the future. A < symbol means you scheduled a task that needs to be started in the future. One additional symbol I use is a / for when I have started, but have not completed.

Events are noted by a small circle bullet. Add the time and a quick title of the event, and check it off when it's over. (think parties, scheduled dinners or appointments)

Some people use additional signifiers, but I limit mine to a * or ! for an important task that I must complete that day. (i.e. paying a bill)

It's really that simple! As I've mentioned, some days are busier than others, so I can have one or two bullets one day and 8-10 the next. In my next post, I'll discuss how I handle a busy week... until then, happy journaling!


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