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Busy week in a Bullet Journal

I don't know about you, but in my life, I have some weeks with a ton of appointments, events, and things to remember to do. Other weeks are slower and I don't need to set a definitive plan in advance. In my last post I showed you my typical set up, which involves a monthly and dailies. So what happens when I have a busy week ahead? I sit down before and draw out a weekly spread! Some people use these much more often than I do, but the beauty of the bullet journal is it's specifically for YOU.

Here are some examples of the weeklies from my journal. My February spread was vertical boxes for each day and the weekend split its own box. This was good for a lot of tasks on one day, but was limiting into how long each task was character-wise. It did give me space at the bottom to track my workouts, which I also liked. I added a weather tracker and sleep tracker at the bottom, which would typically be in the little box on each daily. For the weekly, I wrote out the forecast for the week as opposed to filling it out the morning of as I do most days.

In March and April, I decided to change the orientation to horizontal. I found my preference was to spill into two columns if I needed to without it feeling too crowded. In both of these, I abandoned the meal planner. I found it too restrictive and I didn't follow it well on busy weeks.

So it's your call! Monthlies, weeklies, dailies, or a mix of all three. Whatever works best for your life and the way you want to plan. In my next post, I'll show you one of my favorite collections: Monthly Memories... until then, happy journaling!


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