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Statement Doors

Happy February! One thing I wanted to do once I owned a house was have the perfect color statement door. The front door of a house a great opportunity to show off your personality. Some people like having a grand door with lead glass and ornate details, but I've always loved having a punch of color.

The hardest part for me was choosing a color. I started by researching exterior color combinations for some initial thought-starters. Of course, I took photos of the front of my house on my phone and headed to Lowe's. I had an idea going in of something that would go with the pale yellow the people who flipped my house chose (which I actually love). After picking up several paint samples and much deliberation, my gut told me it was the color Bayside from the Valspar collection.

What I love most about this project is the low cost and time vs. the high impact. If you're only planning on painting the exterior of your door, all you'll need is a sample pot (pictured). These run about $3-$5. Even better, this took me maybe 30 minutes to complete start to finish. The longest part of it was prep work (removing hardware, taping the sides of the doors).

One tip on taping: You'll see in the photos below, I taped into the bevel of the door. I wanted to leave the edges of the door white, along with the inside. I think this gives the cleanest look possible when adding color to only one side. If you're painting the whole door, tape your hinges as well.

I started by painting a portion of the door (and let it dry) to ensure I liked it against the color of my house. I instantly knew I loved it. It ended up taking two coats, but I still have about half of the sample pot left. I've stored it away for any necessary touch ups. (I highly suggest you do the same.) I also took the opportunity to change out the hardware on my door. My knob and lock were mismatched, so I upgraded it to a nickel finish set. Here are some photos of the progress:

So there you go! Short and sweet. All you'll need is a screwdriver, painter's tape and a paint brush. For less than $5 and 30 minutes, you can have a statement door of your own! Here are the before and after photos:

Along with my freshly painted railings and my porch swing, this pop of color makes for a cozy little entry to my new house. It definitely stepped up the curb appeal and makes my house stand out on the street. Stay tuned for more tips as I endlessly work on this place! :)


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