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Capturing Memories

One of my favorite things to do in my Bullet Journal outside of planning is capturing memories. Each month I take a page and recap any places I've gone, movies I've seen, concerts/plays I've attended, or any other important events I'd want to remember. I even capture the hard stuff sometimes, because it's all part of life!

I started off in my first bullet journal drawing these as they happened, but soon found spacing to be an issue by the end of the month. I moved to making a list of everything I wanted to include at the end of the month, and then sketching it out in pencil to help plan the sizing and spacing. I don't use pencil first on many pages in my journal, but for this is one, it's worth the effort. I use pencil on any complicated layout or these memory spreads.

I color mine in using the same Staedtler Triplus Fineliners I use to write in my journal. Fair warning, they do bleed through sometimes (especially if you layer colors), but it never really bothers me. I know many people prefer to use colored pencils on these kind of pages, but I like how vibrant the Fineliners are.

Here's a gallery of my favorite memory spreads through my journals so far:


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